Toilet Paper Tablets – The Necessary Survival Item

Toilet paper tablets are one of the most useful items to carry around with you whether you are in the wood or on the road.

Thanks to these tablets, you will not need to carry bulky toilet paper rolls everywhere with you anymore. In fact, you won’t have to take many things with you since these tablets replace many items.

They’re cheap, they’re useful, they’re small, and we’ll certainly review them today listing you all the qualities and the type of situation in which they’re helpful.

Why Toilet Paper Tablets Are So Useful

Needless to say that one of the most useful things to carry around is a napkin, a tissue, a towel or a small piece of cloth. Well, you’d be surprised that you can replace all of these items with such a small thing as toilet paper tablets.

As a result, they can be used in so many situations and literally everywhere you go.

Just as tissues, normal toilet paper sheets or wipes, the toilet paper tablets have so many purposes such as:

  • Wiping your bum – This is potentially the number 1 use of these toilet paper tablets. Realistically, you will probably need more than 1 tablet, but given the fact that they only weigh 2 grams, this won’t be a problem.
  • Nose bleeds and cuts – These tablets are extremely absorbent and tough, which makes them excellent in case you need to dry some bleeding wounds.
  • To lit a fire – Since they are very absorbent, you can dip them a short time in oil to lit your fire and keep it going.
  • Clean your cutlery – We recommend the sanitizing tablets since only one of them can make a gallon of water sanitized and therefore are great to clean your cutlery, your plates or anything you need to clean on the go.
  • Sanitizing food and hands – Just like the cutlery, the tablets are a great help when in need of sanitizing your food in the woods or your hands after touching some animal.

Obviously, there are so many more uses to these toilet paper tablets that we will ever be able to list.

Together with ropes, knives and other essential tools, they really deserve a small space in your backpack, pocket and glove box.

toilet paper tablets

They only weigh 2 grams each and they’re so small that they can be stored probably everywhere you can think of.

How To Use The Toilet Paper Tablets

Using toilet paper tablets is extremely easy and only a few seconds will be enough to make them ready.

They only need a tablespoon to get activated, which always helps when the water supply is limited. Certainly, the more water you dip them into and the easier they will expand.

If there is no water available, there are 2 ways to expand your toilet paper tablets:

  1. You can spit on it and it’s going to expand eventually. Of course, it will take longer and it’s going to be less practical. In other words, you should be able to get the job done in less than a minute.
  2. Just loosen it up. Of course, water comes in handy to activate it, but you don’t actually need it. Just loosen it up and the parts will open up slowly. The advantage of this is that the towel won’t be wet, which is good if you need to clean your bum.

This is one of the great and useful tips and tricks that we can give you about the toilet paper tablets, and that you should follow if you find yourself without water.

Which Ones Do We Recommend?

We recommend two types of toilet paper tablets, that we will list below.

  1. Toilet Paper Tablets | Compressed Towels

These tablets are great for any type of situation and wherever you go. They are cheap (35$ for 500 tablets) and as mentioned above, they are light weighted.

toilet paper tablets

In short, toilet paper tablets are strong, soft, and the package includes a free carrying case!

In addition to that, only a few drops of water will suffice to be immediately expanded and ready to use.

Steramine tablets are another type of toilet paper tablet, since they are sanitized, cheap (38.95$ for 900 tablets) and extremely useful for camping, trekking, etc…

toilet paper tablets

Most importantly, they are used by many bars and restaurants all around the world and they are excellent for all the things we mentioned above in this article.

Lastly, you only need to use one to two tablets to get 1 gallon of sanitized water, and that’s a great thing we do like.

Extra Tips on The Toilet Paper Tablets

Toilet Paper Tablets are a fantastic item for survival situations, as they’re small and sanitary, and you can put them wherever you like without them taking too much room. However, you should know a little more before using them.

  1. Don’t flush them into the toilets – You won’t have this problem if you use them in nature, but it’s always good to know if you’re planning to use them in public toilets on the road
  • Buy an appropriate case – Cases are useful to carry the tablets, however, make sure to purchase one that is big enough to take as many tablets as you need.

Our General Feedback and Conclusion about the Tablets

Toilet Paper Tablets are organic, they are more durable than normal paper towels but most importantly they are reusable!

In short, the toilet paper tablets are small and that will help you stock them in your pocket or wallet.

You can use them with such a small amount of water and ultimately, they don’t fall apart very easily which makes them a perfect survival tool to always carry with you.

We recommend taking a few toilet paper tablets with you wherever you go. Into the woods, on the road or anywhere you can think of, as they are really useful at any point.

Therefore, make sure to read one of these books to know other situations where these tablets would be useful.

It is time to purchase a box of tablets and give them to your family members and friends other than keeping them to yourself!

Thanks for sticking with us until the end, and if you found this article useful, go ahead and comment below and share it on social media!

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