Gerber Prodigy Knife Full Review

No doubt that Gerber is one of the best knife brands on the market and one of their recommended products if the Gerber Prodigy Knife.

After checking the best survival axes, it was time for us to focus on the survival knife that everyone is talking about. There are many vital features that a good survival knife must have and we will go through a lot of them that the Gerber Prodigy has, for you to make a perfect choice.

For this exact reason, we will be reviewing the Gerber Prodigy in this article to see if it’s any good and if you should go ahead and buy it.

Gerber Prodigy’s Quality & Durability

The quality is one of the most important factors in a knife, and in a product in general, and the Gerber Prodigy knife is all about it.

Gerber Prodigy Knife

To start with, the blade is a fixed blade with always make knives stronger and hard to break. The Gerber Prodigy was built to execute heavy-duty work, on top of typical survival tasks such as opening cans or

The build quality is outstanding and the Gerber Prodigy knife is extremely tough.

The grip part and the handle are one of the best we’ve ever experienced in a knife, regardless if you wear gloves or if your hands are wet.

The blade steel is very sharp and does work in every situation you can think of. It was described as “indestructible” by many, which I won’t guaranty, but it is terribly strong, to say the least.

Gerber Prodigy Knife

The knife and its blade are tough and can do everything you can think of without breaking at any moment. Needless to say, that the sheath that comes with it is also made of good material and can carry small items like fire-starting materials, first aid supplies, or also a small flashlight.

It is also crucial to mention that the Gerber Prodigy was made in Portland, Oregon, US, and not in other countries, you can do anything with it!

The Handle – Why it’s So Great, and Why We Love It

The handle is definitely important in a knife because let’s face it, you’re going to have to carry it and comes in 2 different tans:

  1. Black Tan
  2. Coyote Tan
Gerber Survival Knife

The handle offers a fantastic grip and in all weather conditions, with its over-molded rubber.

They have made it with. It does have a spiked pommel that can be used in case of breaking glass or to defend yourself against an opponent.

It obviously has a Lanyard hole close to the pommel that can be useful to create loops or even to carry it around when it is out of its sheath. The Lanyard hole is of course very nice to have and will avoid you losing your knife everywhere you go.

Portability – Take your Gerber Prodigy everywhere

The portability is another important thing to consider when choosing a knife.

Whether you go into the woods, camping, fishing or on the mountains, we really think the Gerber Prodigy is one of the best knives to carry everywhere and let us tell you some of the things you can do with it:

  1. Excellent for wood carving
  2. Help you start a fire
  3. It makes hunting easy
  4. Cutting food
  5. Use it as a digging tool
Best survival knives

The Gerber Prodigy is compact enough to be hung to your belt, or be easily carried into your pocket.

It can also be attached to the strap on your leg and will not weigh you down thanks to its reasonable weight.

The Gerber Prodigy is definitely more portable than other Gerber models, and other brand’s knives and the quality wasn’t sacrificed.

Size & Weight of the Gerber Prodigy

Other than the last qualities listed in this article about the Gerber Prodigy, the size and weight are other things to consider before purchasing it.

Well, firstly, you will be happy to know that the knife is weighed well and is not too light, not too heavy. Weighing only 1.05 pounds, it has the perfect size and weight.

Secondly, the blade length is 4.75 in., which sounds big, but it’s a good size for harvesting wood for example.

Other than the blade, the Gerber Prodigy itself has an overall length of 9.75 inches with a full tang.

The Gerber Prodigy is slightly bigger than other knives, however, it is important to consider all the features and we can assure you that overall, this is the tactical knife you’re looking for.

What We Think About Its Price

For the specs and the quality mentioned above, the knife is extremely affordable, coming at a 50-60$ price range.

Sure, there are better knives than the Gerber Prodigy, but for this price range, this is the best knife for your wallet.

As a whole, Gerber has become one of the best knife brands that you can get for anything from camping, going into the fields, do bushcraft and much more. For a little over 50 Dollars, the price is modest.

Our Overall Feedback About Gerber Prodigy

Overall, the Gerber Prodigy is one of the best knives on the market at this price range, and to sum up, these are the best features we’ve experienced in this knife:

  • Survival knife
  • Sharp
  • Tough
  • Great Quality

In conclusion, the Gerber Prodigy is a powerful knife made with material of good quality and most importantly not to break easily. If used correctly, this survival knife can really help in situations that only a few tools can. Just remember the features we talked about here above, and you will know that the Gerber Prodigy is the right choice for you.

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